About The Quotable Poet

A lot of people enjoy reading so I’ve got that in common with them and a lot of us like imagining what favorite authors are like in the real world.  I’m not all that curious  about what they’re like in their real lives and I would never expect them to change plot lines just to satisfy my tastes (remember the woman in Stephen King’s “Misery”) but I do wonder a lot about how some writers develop certain points of view or levels of knowledge that let them write the way they do.

When I read Amos Oz then I feel like it’s his courage and his earthiness that make him the kind of writer he is and then when I read a book by George Dawes Green or Martin Amis then I feel like I’m with writers who like to have fun figuring other people out and putting in them in extreme situations, plus I get into some graphic novels the way other people get into some Shakespeare or some whoever.

But for this blog I’m posting bits and pieces by a writer I can’t figure out completely because he’s multifaceted in a good but strange way. I’ve read all his bios and profiles  and none of them can tell me why reading the author named Aberjhani can be like reading4 or 5 authors from different planets.

Collected Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

Collected Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

First they all have something amazing or intriguing to share when you meet them one by one, then they all get together on the same page and something fantastic happens.

Each of the pages in this blog will be named after a theme taken from Aberjhani’s work.  They involve simple classic subjects like love but then space warp to deep areas dealing with the different sides of spirituality and human nature overall.  So maybe this blog is to help give that fantastic thing that happens when he journeys the way he does through different levels a name and also just to share the extraordinariness of it with others who’ve had the experience too or who haven’t had it yet



2 thoughts on “About The Quotable Poet”

  1. Really nice idea for a blog. You are analytical like myself. Comes in handy, can also drive other people crazy, this outlet looks healthy.:) I am enjoying the reading!

  2. Maybe too analytical sometimes, been so into other tribute subjects haven’t touched this one for a minute but the QP’s been busy so I’m working on something.


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