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There’s plenty good reasons some people refer to our Quotable Bard as “The Poet of the Rainbow” or “Poet of the Angels”. They turn up a lot in his work but never the same ones in the same way. So it’s not too surprising that some of his most famous quotes from the year 2016 have angels and rainbows in them.

1. First pick for the year is one that got that got a lot of buzz after the killings in Orlando, Florida, and after the crazy murders in Nice, France. The picture quote was posted on Twitter by Hendrik Klaassens for Aurora BlogSpot but the quote was shared all over the net. no_envy_or_jealousy_-quotation_by_aberjhani-graphic_by_h_klassens

“There is no envy, jealousy, or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. And no fear either. Because each one exists to make the others’ love more beautiful.”
––Aberjhani (from Journey through the Power of the Rainbow, Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry)

2. The second citation is from a book review titled Taking Time to Think, and Love, Again. The review was about the book Already Here, the Matter of Love, and it gave us these lines:


“Imagine if we chose as eagerly to cultivate practices which increase the presence of Love and Joy in the world as we do to engage actions which hasten the destruction of our fellow human beings. That is within the realm of possibility for everyone.”
(QP, Bright Skylark Literary Productions)



3. One of the biggest moves the Quotable Poet made in 2016 was to give his first novel a reboot on the new Freed Reads platform. Who saw that coming?
“At its core, the novel Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World has always been about lovers attempting to reconcile the demands of their mysterious almost-mythical destinies with the ache-filled longings of human hearts. That enigmatic core, however, is only one of the drivers behind the book’s Valentine’s Day reboot with this new title: Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player.” (Aberjhani from Christmas Gets a Valentine’s Day Weekend Reboot)

4. Resolving social and injustices and racial inequality is something the QP has been writing about for a long time so a lot of his work is a natural fit for Black Lives Matter and dealing with “the New Jim Crow.” Hard as it was for some of us to imagine the body count in 2016 going up for black people killed by police in America it kept on doing that.

“There is no such thing as overstating the crisis of oppressive human rights violations represented by the so-called ‘high school to prison pipeline’ in the United States and its devastating impact upon African-American communities. The modern industrial prison complex is dangerously emblematic of apartheid-like practices. Dismantling it means coming to terms with how it came to be and why it continues to expand.”––(Aberjhani from essay 10 Books Keeping One Writer’s Company)


5. An election year by definition is all about leadership. When it came choosing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, citizens in America and other countries quoted the QP’s famous words about the job facing voters. But we like this:

“Leadership has never been an exact science but it has always found itself particularly challenged when tasked with elevating one segment of a society onto a level more politically, socially, and economically equitable with another.”
––(Aberjhani from The 2015 Bid for Power and History in Savannah)


Here’s hoping we all make it to beginning of a Happy New Year 2017.