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Luther E Vann quote from Elemental
                 (Quote by Luther E. Vann from ELEMENTAL The Power of Illuminated Love)

We’re gonna go with full disclosure here… The plan last month was to wait for a new poem by the Quotable Poet to drop before posting the annual #NaPoWriMo blog. Only the new poem never drop because something totally different and unexpected happened.

By now the world knows the artist Luther E. Vann died on April 6 and looks like that caused the QP to shut down for a minute. Vann produced the art side of the ekphrastic masterpiece Elemental The Power of Illuminated Love and The QP did the poetry and prose. What some of you maybe don’t know is that Vann also did the artwork for three more book covers by the author:

In honor of Vann and his creative partnership with the QP, this month’s poem is “” from ELEMENTAL:


We vibrate fire then become still.
Fall deep inside our separate nightmares
like angels cast into a lesser heaven.
Some sound, some need, calls me back
from sleep’s dungeon and my eyes blink open.

The night unlocks my flesh like a book
and what earlier fell apart comes
together again.  I listen to silence
as it reads by moonlight
the fantastic stories of my life:

The chapters on love are too short,
and why so many tears sticking these pages?
The ones on terror are much too long.
In darkness the voice of truth illuminates
the horrible lovely meaning of everything I am.

A small fist of light taps my skull and I
sit beside myself to watch you dream.
Bridges of invisible lace flow from my skin
to yours and bit by bit, atom by atom, one
story’s ending sets free a whole galaxy of beginnings.

Aberjhani (from Elemental, The Power of Illuminated Love)
Posted with Permission of Author

Because of Vann’s death and because of racial controversy over the name of the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge, QP Aberjhani ended up getting quoted in two new interviews. Normally this time of year the quotes with his name on them are all about creativity, jazz, poetry and rebirth.

But guess what? Luther E. Vann said some quotable things too. That’s why you see his words at the top of this post and also while we steppin’ out the door:

Luther E Vann Elemental quotation 2

Quotation by artist Luther E. Vann from the ekphrasis collection ELEMENTAL the Power of Illuminated Love.