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Motivation speakers like to tell us one of the best ways to know where you’re going is to check out where you’ve already been. We’ve seen similar suggestions from the Quotable Poet as well. So since it looks like everybody’s in agreement with that idea our quotes for December are 5 of the best from the year 2015 for hipsters and dipsters to take with them into the year 2016.

As for the QP himself the year 2015 was obviously a BIG ONE since he announced that he was cutting back on column articles and administrative duties at Creative Thinkers International to go big on his current literary projects. That’s not something we can complain about around here because like Adele fans always hot for the next release we’re always pumped for the latest from the QP:

Best Quotable Poet Quotes of the Year 2015


Diversity quote by Aberjhani with Eiffel Tower digital art by Bright Sky Lit Prods 1L

“Diversity is an aspect of human existence that cannot be eradicated by terrorism or war or self-consuming hatred. It can only be conquered by recognizing and claiming the wealth of values it represents for all.”
         (Aberjhani, the quote’s on Goodreads but it came from his masterwork on the Paris attacks: For Love of Paris and a More Compassionate World)


“Much of this [the 21st] century’s first decade and a half has been comprised of trends and unforeseen progressions that basically trashed reality as humanity knew it and reconstructed it via the mechanisms of a technology-based revolution.”
           (Aberjhani, from When the Lyrical Muse Sings the Creative Pen Dances)


MS25 QP Aberjhani quote graphic based on 15th century painting by Melozzo do Forli

“From opposite ends of time and space
a dream and a song quietly embrace…like
the sun’s murmuring lips upon the moon’s blue face.”
(Aberjhani, from Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao)


“Leadership has never been an exact science but it has always found itself particularly challenged when tasked with elevating one segment of a society onto a level more politically, socially, and economically equitable with another.”
Aberjhani (from The 2015 Bid for Power and History in Savannah)


Quotable poet text graphic with Aberjhani quote on Diversity for MS25 UPLD

“Periods of shifting demographics, along with the often overwhelming giant crashing waves of sudden historical events themselves, often create odd partnerships and dangerously extreme polarization.”
(Aberjhani, from Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 3: Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson)

So all we need now are some rock-solid dates on the new releases. But for right now if you’re into the holiday spirit have some good safe times and let’s hope we all get to enjoy a great New Year 2016.

Closing out with a shout out to BSLP for permission granted to use intellectual properties.