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It looks like the Quotable Poet is in full-effect-kick-butt mode for National Poetry Month. With his big journalism push at the beginning of 2015 it didn’t seem like he was gonna cover all his author-poet bases. He did do it though with a new poem, his first interview in like forever, and a ginormous new essay series launched on the Guerrilla Decontextualization website. Check ‘em out:

1. The poem: Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao
2. The interview: Poetry Life and Times Interview with Author-Poet Aberjhani
3. The essay: Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 1: Accidental Poetry & Nihilistic Implosions

When you hit that interview don’t miss the news about the upcoming magazine project with light photographer Aurora Crowley. That’s gonna be awesome-hot.

SO ABOUT THOSE 5 BEST QUOTES: Our 5 Quotable Poet quotes for National Poetry Month come from all the sources just listed. Since they’re all by the Quotable Poet himself we’re identifying the source in parentheses (is that spelled right?) after the quote. Here’s to rock’n & rollin’ and hippin’ & hoppin’ all National Poetry Month long:


“I sometimes dream certain poems that I never write down because I believe they belong where they found me. I have also spoken poems over waves rolling in off the ocean and then watched their translucent lines float off without writing or recording them either.” – from PLT Interview with QP


“Far less than “50 shades of grey,” wielders of abbreviated minds rarely allow for even one.”–from Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 1: Accidental Poetry & Nihilistic Implosions


“From opposite ends of time and space
a dream and a song quietly embrace…”
–from Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao


“Use of an abbreviated mind is what makes the more devastatingly callous aspects of guerrilla decontextualization possible. It simultaneously magnifies the impulse to avoid accepting moral responsibility for one’s actions and reduces the inclination to view fellow human beings as simply that: fellow human beings.” –from Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 1: Accidental Poetry & Nihilistic Implosions


“Most of us know that we can be better than what we are and do better than what we do, and a lot of us live in ways that oblige us to at least periodically make an effort. But the work required to move up from point C to point A, or to survive the drop from A down to C and begin all over again is rarely easy.” – PLT Interview with QP

All quotes by the QP.

Post by MS/25