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September 11 2001 quote by Aberjhani with graphic from AZQuotes                                                                                          (From AZQuotes)

This month’s quotes are from AZQuotes because they’re in the process of setting up such a cool website that there’s a good chance somebody here is going to sign up on it. Just not possible not to like the profile pages, love the quote selections, and truly dig the feature that lets you make quote graphics. Both quotes you see pictured here come from the poem “Angel of Remembrance: Candles for September 11, 2001.” So enjoy the one up top and the one at the bottom.

Now for the Top 3 QP News Notes: All the changes coming out of the Quotable Poet’s camp this summer have been big ones. These are the top 3 but if you got something hotter let us know:

1) HOT OFF THE PRESS: You can call “Creative Flexibility and Annihilated Lives” an instant QP classic published in the new edition of Words & Violence. It rocks a bangin’ new essay with a classic poem, fresh hash tags for your social-media-conscious consideration, and some deep new vibes on guerrilla decontextualization.

2) The Red Room author website shut down in July and that means the Quotable Poet Aberjhani’s pages on the site did too. It had some articles, photos and videos piled up over d6 years that nobody else had. These and the works of other writers on the site are now supposed to be on Internet Way Back Machine.

3) So after Red Room went on the auction block the QP set up two new signif writing camps to go along with his base blog and CTI page. One went up on LinkedIn and the other on Wattpad. Some people might say the LinkedIn Blog is not a good fit but the QP said it works.

 History Dressed up quote by Aberjhani with graphic from AZQuotes                                                                         (from AZQuotes)

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