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“Stars ink your fingers
with a lexicon of flame
blazing rare knowledge.”
–from poem titled Poets of the Angels by Aberjhani
(courtesy of Bright Skylark Lit Prods & Postered Poetics)

National Poetry Month is usually an easy time to write this blog because the Quotable Poet has written a lot of poems about poetry and picking one would have been stress-free. He’s also pumped out enough articles and essays about other quotable poets to fill a book…which he’s probably done already. Take for example this handful from just the past year and just last week:

1. Poets of the Past and Present in the 2014 Spotlight
2. Text and Meaning in T.J. Reddy’s Poems in One-Part Harmony 1
3. Text and Meaning in Robert Frost’s Dedication: For JFK
4. Text and Meaning in Langston Hughes’ The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain Part 1

Around March 28 his Bright Skylark crew posted a new killer graphic on Goodreads to celebrate NaPoMo and we noticed the quote on it came from the poem Angels of the Poets. It’s a poem that already has 3 popular quotes from it… That seems almost average for about half the poems in The River of Winged Dreams. But this one is about the deep side of what some poets trip on when they slide into their creativity mode. So it’s a good fit for National Poetry Month.

Another good popular quote says “Turnabout is fair play.” That means since the Quotable Poet put out so many cool vibes about other authors and poets it seems time to share what a couple have said about him. These popped up on Quotes.net which describes itself as “a huge collection of literary quotations and movie quotes from endless number of famous authors and featured movies, collaboratively assembled by contributing editors.” Um, OK.

Zinta Aistars of Smoking Poet quote about Aberjhani from Quote.net

Jim Morekis of Connect Savannah quote about Aberjhani from Quotations.netPosted by MS/24