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Language of the rainbow quotation 1 by Aberjhani with Pegasus artwork by Postered Poetics“The language of the rainbow is a lexicon of light devoted to concepts of faith, unity, hope, endurance, and joy.”
–from Journey through the Power of the Rainbow by Aberjhani (graphic courtesy of Bright Skylark Literary Productions)

Why no poem of the month for February 2014? Because most of us were waiting to see if the announcement that Creative Thinkers International was going offline on February 5 was true. Turns out it was. To us that was a serious Black History Month 2014 moment all by itself.

Investing close to 7 years into building a community from 1 member to a humanitarian organization of more than 500 is not easy to do. But it happened because the Quotable Poet opened the doors of the CTI Initiative after 9/11 to basically everybody willing to share positive vibes with the world. It wasn’t the kind of thing you can compare to Whatsapp with its one-million-people every day sign-ups because it wasn’t just about selfie culture.  It was about making things like bullying, starvation, wars, terrorism, and generally not-giving-a-f*ck go away.

CTI went offline once before but then made a great comeback with new member sign-ups and fresh blogs, photographs, and video posts every other day. The question now is can it do that again? The Quotable Poet did not say straight up that it would but in his last blog post on the website this is what he wrote:

“The need to take one central outpost of the CTI concept offline while continuing to examine the best ways to maintain and further extend its legacy does not mean an end to the resilient singing heart of CTI. It means a metamorphosis–– like that undertaken by the caterpillar which wraps itself in a cocoon before transforming into something very different from what it was–– is in progress.” ––Aberjhani

This can mean a lot of things and maybe that’s his point.

You might have noticed that the quote used at the beginning of this post doesn’t come from a poem in The River of Winged Dreams or Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black. It’s a preview from the collection of quotes Journey through the Power of the Rainbow and might not be from a poem at all but it’s all about hanging in there and toughing it out to see what happens next.