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Miriam Carey image still by WHO Television

 Mom in fatal distress: Miriam Carey(photo courtesy of WHO TV)

“To slaughter beauty and suckle hypocrisy––
sport for maniacs and apocalyptic ghouls.”
–Aberjhani, from the poem “Bright Kiss of Insanity” 

Everybody who’s read The River of Winged Dreams knows it’s got a lot of poems that match a lot of holidays. The easy choice for the October Poem of the Month would be A Coat and Shoes for Halloween. Only it’s been done, right? Like a few times.

So have zombies, vampires, trolls, witches, and goblins. What’s really scary this year is how many people keep LOSIN’ IT and ending up SHOT DEAD! Does it always have to end like that? TV reporters say Miriam Carey was a mom suffering from post-partum depression and psychosis when she decided Obama was spying on her, drove all the way from Connecticut with her 1-year-old in the car’s back seat, and tried to bum-rush the White House. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

How many people you suppose are walking around on the verge while nobody pays attention to them slipping right on over the edge? That’s not easy to think about and maybe it’s what was on the Quotable Poet’s mind when he wrote the poem “Bright Kiss of Insanity.” Or maybe it wasn’t. It’s from the book Visions of A Skylark Dressed in Black and you can see for yourself why it’s a just-right poem for these let’s-go-crazy days. The most famous quote from the poem is “What hell condemned, let heaven now heal.” But my favorite is the 2 lines right before that one and the whole first stanza. Plus the whole last stanza too. 

Bright Kiss of Insanity

With intellect and beauty locked away
inside liquid chapels of candle-lit madness,
yours remain the eyes that fed Solomon
his wisdom. And the celestial garden of your face
the same for which a thousand moons buried
their crumbled hearts beneath a trembling sea.

Like the satin flower scent of a coffin your gaze
thickens before the danger of swords. Or love.
And like the obscene image of a demon’s corpse
sniffing its crotch for fresh food
you stalk joy’s temple with malicious fatal sorrow.

Who can prove this is punishment from God?
Who would want to? Why hang so many signs
claiming Jesus was preoccupied the day paradise
died in your smile and turned your springtime lips
into a land oppressed by cruel endless winter?

To slaughter beauty and suckle hypocrisy––
sport for maniacs and apocalyptic ghouls.
What hell condemned, let heaven now heal.
A girl like you: your platinum heart ground up like beef,
devoured and shat by the canines of bigotry and hate.

Nevermore the furious glory of your mind at work
stitching luminous tapestries of revelation and grace.
Laugh loud, my summer-poem darling, and sing now too,
for insanity’s bright kiss shines blessings divine
upon angels so wondrous and tortured as you.
–Aberjhani (from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black)

 Post by MS/25