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Martin Luther King Jr. Hoodie image detail by Nikkolas SmithDetail from Martin Luther King Jr. in Hoodie art by Nikkolas Smith.

The Quotable Poet has tackled racism head-on in articles, poems, blogs and books so it wasn’t the biggest surprise in the world earlier this week when he posted Zimmerman Verdict Counters Notion of Post-Racial America in his Examiner column. What was different about the way he handled the aftermath of Zimmerman’s acquittal for the death of Trayvon Martin were the quotes he added to Goodreads and then tweeted and Facebooked all over the place!

For the past couple of months, his thing has been to tweet a quote every other Monday or so with the hashtag #MarvelousMonday. He took a new route this time to address the Zimmerman issue and tweeted four quotes about the case posted on Goodreads. His poetic tweetfest hit at about the same time as Nikkolas Smith’s Martin Luther King Jr. in a hoodie image went viral. There may be more from Quotable Poet by the time this posts but here are 3 of the quotes plus a bonus from MIXED NATION.:

 “Millions of tears have fallen for black sons, brothers, lovers, and friends whose assailants took or maimed their lives and then simply went on their way.”    
(Aberjhani, from Illuminated Corners, Collected Essays Vol. 1)

Trayvon Martin, at the most, seems only to have been guilty of being himself.”
(Aberjhani, from Illuminated Corners, Collected Essays Vol. 1)

“The issue, perhaps, boils down to one of how perceptions or misperceptions of racial difference impact various individuals’, or groups of individuals’, experience of freedom in America. Some would argue that it goes beyond hampering their “pursuit of happiness” to outright obliterating it.”
(Aberjhani, from Illuminated Corners, Collected Essays Vol. 1)



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