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Hanging out with CTI 2013

“At a time in history when so many in the world chose to exhibit the worst of what human beings might become, they at least tried to demonstrate the very best of what human beings might become.”—Aberjhani (from Creative Thinkers International and 21st Century Notions of Community)

It’s hard to refute something, no matter how screaming bad you might want to, when it makes Google News and a good-sized part of the subject is also the author. That’s the way the feelings went down when the Quotable Poet posted “Creative Thinkers International Goes on Offline Hiatus” in his Examiner column last week.

Whaaaat the hell does that mean EXACTLY!?!?! After six years of spotlighting unsung heroes, singers, writers, poets, artists, and miscellaneous geniuses from all over the planet… the website is no more???? At least it looked that way for a few days, but then it came back online.

The original story told us some important things but probably not enough. Maybe the real deal comes out when you read between the lines. The first part of the article announces that the site is going offline but it’s really an introduction to the last blog Aberjhani posted on CTI about the site.

Ask certain insiders and they say managing Creative Thinkers International plus working on important book projects finally overloaded the QP’s creative circuit boards. When you look at his output over the past few years and check out all the boats he still floatin’ right now you have to wonder how he’s managed to pull it all off for this long. The easy answer is that like most famous authors he’s got helpers––people he calls “techno angels”–– but even working with angels must take a lot of adjusting and regrouping.

The main thing for the moment is that it’s looking like CTI might make its sixth anniversary and that’s gotta be a good thing.