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Ms Billionaire Janet Jackson photo by AM Records                   (photo of Ms. Janet Jackson from A&M Records)

Ever notice how the words “super rich” and “Jackson family” sometimes seem to mean the same thing? A lot of people were feeling like that after the 60 Minutes story about Michael Jackson’s estate earning more than $600 million since the King of Pop’s death 4 years ago. Then reports hit the web that sister Janet just joined the super exclusive Billionaire Club. And if you’re thinking she did it because she married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, you’re wrong. She did it with her own earnings from recordings, movie deals, and logging a lot of miles for a lot of years on concert tours.

So what’s any of this got to do with the June poem of month, My One Favorite City? It’s like this: everybody knows the Quotable Poet has written a lot about the King of Pop but where’s the love for Janet?

Ok, yeah, he gave her props for her tribute performance to her brother during the 2009 MTV Awards but what about thumbs up for her own achievements? In one interview he said one of his dream jobs was to “write an album with Janet Jackson.” Wouldn’t a nice hot poem make a good start? This one is from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black and although it wasn’t dedicated to Miss Janet in the book it makes you think of some of her more passionate songs. It’s also a good poem for the travel bug that starts biting during the summer. The graphic art image below with a quote from Summer-Song Rhapsody for Michael Jackson by Aberjhani in Spanish is a big bonus that popped up in email.

 My One Favorite City

My one favorite city is a kiss shared with you.
Make it on any street corner whatsoever,
above any orphaned moon you might please,
beneath a flag on this planet or another,
so long as the lips are yours and the pleasure ours.

I champion all laws forbidding my life
to wander too far from yours.
And I worship the swirling patterns
of divine satisfaction that adorn
my soul’s wretched skyline
each time your breath swallows mine.

Festivals in New York cannot match
the riot-filled crush of our stars pressed together.
In neither Moscow nor Madrid
do the domes gleam with the kind of gold
that your whispers melt inside my heart.

My only favorite city is a kiss shared with you.
Make it on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday night
or Monday morning. Otherwise, give me Paris
with your face painted on every window.
Or give me a sidewalk café high up in heaven,
where angels and the light adore you as much as I.

–from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black by Aberjhani (posted by permission)

Michael Jackson graphic with Aberjhani qoute by Groupo Facebook Frase o anecdota de Mike del dia ViviMJ digital art graphic with quote by Aberjhani from “Groupo Facebook Frase o’ anecdota de Mike del dia (Vivi)

This is the original quote in English: “His presence in the world was a powerful ingredient within the overall antidote to the mega-tons of despair that can weigh human souls so far down that for millions (if not billions) life on earth feels more and more like death in hell. His voice remains part of the antidote. That’s antidote as in: anti-hatred, anti-war, anti-ignorance, anti-abuse, anti-oppression, anti-prejudice, anti-bigotry, anti-fear.”
— from Summer-Song Rhapsody for Michael Jackson by Aberjhani

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