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National Poetry Month Roundup at the Quotable Poet on WordPress

Remember that scene from the play Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams when a woman talks about a great poet who’s been working on 1 poem for something like 20 years? That woman was serious.

Nobody here is going to say the Quotable Poet has slowed down anywhere near that much because with 4 published books of poetry (so far) you can say he averages a lot more than 1 every 20 years. But the man himself admitted in a recent Facebook status update that the number of his poems (shared on the Internet anyway) have been more like a trickle than a flow.

True this is: once released, they usually hit with enough punch to make you feel like it was worth the wait. But keeping up with the different online venues can be a pain. So instead of a single poem of the month for April, here’s a National Poetry Month 2013 round-up list of the NEWEST poems we could find posted from 2009 to 2013. It kicks off with the most recent slammer, Realms of Emerging Light.

Quotable Poet National Poetry Month 2013 Round-up

1) Realms of Emerging Light first published March 17, 2013 with article Sensualized Transcendence Editorial and Poem on the Art of Jaanika Talts.

2) The Consecrated Soul of Whitney Houston published February 2012 in the Notebook on Black History Month Series.

3) Summer-Song Rhapsody for Michael Jackson Editorial with Poem published August 19, 2012.

4) How Poets and Words Burn Truth into Love in commemoration of the first 100 Thousand Poets for Change event September 1, 2011.

5) Nuclear Snow in Japanese Springtime published March 25, 2011, in National African American Art Examiner column following tsunami and nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan.

6) “A Poet Is a Clinton D. Powell” a.k.a. Poem for a Poet published January 6, 2011 in Connect Savannah.

7) Valentine Winter: A Mink-warm Distance Between Decades published on Red Room December 11, 2009 and also on AuthorsDen.

8) The Poetess Inside Her Years published October 28, 2009 in honor of Portuguese poet Alexandra OneLight

If anybody come up with more than these then please holla!