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Sculpture of Musical Cherub Angels from hkdcsh photo blog

(Sculpture of musical angel seraphs from “hkdcsh” photography blog)

Check out Google search results for translations of titles by the Quotable Poet and you get big numbers on product pages selling his books in different countries but what you don’t get are translated editions of the books themselves shifted from English to anything else.  For the man who founded of Creative Thinkers International and an author with the world’s best-selling Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance that seems kind’a odd. But that’s the way it is and anybody who knows different can comment or email and break the news to us.

But on the flip side…translated quotations, essays, poems, and articles by QP Aberjhani keep piling up on the Internet. You can find quotations from his work in everything from Arabic and French to German and Korean and some of everything else. But the spotlight at the moment is on translations for two of his angel poems: Angel of Earth Days and Seasons, and Angel of Peace. If you clicked those links you saw Han Chinese translations by Hong Kong bloggers (not to be confused with espionage hackers talked about on the news) on the Qing and Sina microblogging networks.

Screenshot 2 of Chinese Poetry Translation Blog on American Author Aberjhani

Screenshot of microblogger Han Chinese translation of “Angel of Earth Days and Seasons.”

There’s a big Asian tradition of writing and reading haiku so that might be why they’re into these poems right now but it could also be because the QP makes a good Black History Month subject. What’s really interesting is how different bloggers are dishing out their own translated versions instead of just re-blogging a single post. This is another one for:  Angel of Earth Days and Seasons .

PART 2 King of Pop Michael Jackson

Probably the first time anybody translated an online piece by the Quotable Poet was right after King of Pop Michael Jackson’s death when the QP posted “To Walk a Lifetime in Michael Jackson’s Moccasins.” That jam ended up in all kinds of global vernaculars, including Greek, Romanian, French, Italian, and maybe a lot more.

It don’t take much to figure out it mostly had to do with the fact that up until then not a whole lot of well-known authors were publishing positive articles about MJ. Quotable Poet Aberjhani made it personal and set a lot of records straight in the process. He kept that going through a series of articles and poems, including Work and Soul in Michael Jackson’s This Is It and Looking at the World Through Michael Jackson’s Left Eye.  Translations of these a couple of years ago were mostly in Spanish and German but they used to be around in Italian and Portuguese too.

Screenshot of Chinese Poetry Translation Blog on American Author Aberjhani

Screenshot of Hong Kong microblogging page featuring Han Chinese translation of angel haiku poem by African-American author Aberjhani.

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