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Dare to Love Yourself Quote by Aberjhani posted by Rough Art on Facebook

(Original image and quote post by Rough Art on Facebook)

Call him maybe The Poet of the Rainbow. What would you say this quote means to you: “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” Do an advanced Google search on something like the middle words, “you were a rainbow with gold”, then click on the image search and you’ll see how a lot of people use it in a lot of different ways.

Some check it out for personal self-esteem, some as firepower against the urge to suicide yo’self or somebody else, or as a pep talk for horses and giraffes (no kidding, check out photos on Flickr and Facebook). Super diva model Iman posted just the words on her Twitter and Facebook pages. Quotation dare to love yourself by Aberjhani posted on Twitter by Iman Adbulmajid

Princess Theodora von Auersperg ran it with a tree of gold symbols on her FB page but she also had a lot of other quotes by QP Aberjhani. Quotation dare to love yourself by Aberjhani posted by Princess Theodora von Auersperg on Facebook

You might think the Quotable Poet would have done a blog or something about all this by now but looks like we’ll be WAITING ON THAT for a while. Lucky for him most bloggers point out that the quote is from his book The River of Winged Dreams and seem even tell you it’s from the Angel of Healing: for the Living, the Dying and the Praying. So instead of a 2013 January Poem of the Month we’ve collected a few of the most outstanding arty images that bloggers and graphic artists have either created themselves or used to show what the quote means for them. Links will be pasted below the image if they’re still available.

Quote Dare to love yourself by Aberjhani posted on BeliefNetwork

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Quote by Aberjhani from Diamond Light blog Love yourself like a rainbow

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Dare to Love yourself quote by Aberjhani posted by For Brown Girls


Quotation dare to love yourself by Aberjhani posted by Pearl Buddha on Facebook

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Dare to Love Yourself Quote by Aberjhani posted by Soul Speaking and Ladybug Whispers on Facebook

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