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Aberjhani and Authors Frequently mentioned Google Search

Google Authors Most Frequently Mentioned on the Web 2012 Sear Result.

If we include a certain QP quote about rainbows in this list, that quote would end up at the top like it did last year because of all the phenomenal images that bloggers have matched it with. And because so many on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter have posted it by itself.  So instead of including it in THIS LIST, we’re going to do a separate post showing some of the best images used to illustrate the quote.  If the viral roll keeps on going like it is, some people might start calling the Quotable Poet “The Poet of the Rainbow.” Makes you wonder how those readers would feel who call him “A Poet of the Angels.”

The images you see in this list are just some of the ones used with these particular quotes by the QP Aberjhani. We’re not saying they’re better than any of the others, they just happen to be particularly well liked. Anyhows, here’s the countdown of the Top 5 from 2012 with links to the original posts if they’re still available:


Quotation Peace is not so much a political mandate by Aberjhani with art by Alex Grey

5. The longer the Afghanistan war and the bomb-tossing in the Middle East goes on the more people post this quote: “Peace is not so much a political mandate as it is a shared state of consciousness that remains elevated and intact only to the degree that those who value it volunteer their existence as living examples of the same…  Peace ends with the unraveling of individual hope and the emergence of the will to worship violence as a healer of private and social dis-ease. “ —from The American Poet Who Went Home again posted on FB by Cosmic Consciousness:

Oh What a Wonderful Soul Quote by Aberjhai posted on Facebook Wall Photos

4. Gotta full disclosure correct myself about this quote at number 4 because I said in another blog that one of the lines was wrong but turns out two versions are in the novel. The image is from the Healing the Planet 2012 page on Facebook.

“Oh what a wonderful soul
so bright inside you.
Got power to heal
the sun’s broken heart,
power to restore
the moon’s vision too.”
–Aberjhani, from Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World

Souls recontructed with faith quote by Aberjhani posted by Judge Greg Mathis

3. “Souls reconstructed with faith transform agony into peace.” –from The River of Winged Dreams and shared on Twitter and FB by Judge Greg Mathis: https://twitter.com/JudgeGregMathis/status/263303896703852544


Quote by Aberjhani on Job facing Ameican Voters

2. Nobody was surprised when this quote turned up as a lot of people’s quote of the day or quote of week during the presidential election: “The job facing American voters… in the days and years to come, is to determine which hearts, minds, and souls command those qualities best suited to unify a country rather than further divide it, to heal the wounds of a nation as opposed to aggravate its injuries, and to secure for the next generation a legacy of choices based on informed awareness rather than one of reactions based on unknowing fear.”  –Aberjhani, from Illuminated Corners, Collected Essays Vol. 1. Posted by the QP on Goodreads at http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/403013-the-job-facing-american-voters-in-the-days-and-years


Quote You Were Born a Child of Light by Aberjhani with image on UnchARTed PasSAGEs Recovery Support

1. “You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.” From the poem “Holiday Letter for a Poet Gone to War” in the book Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black. Image posted by Recovery Support at http://denverrecoverysupport.weebly.com/elements.html

So some blogfesters already have different lists up with some of these quotes in different positions but that’s swaggin too. Happy New Year!