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American poet Walt Whitman (pen and ink photo image public domain)

Do you think the Quotable Poet is to Barack Obama what Walt Whitman was to Abraham Lincoln? We waited until after the presidential election to post this month’s poem because the QP Aberjhani never came right out and pushed for Obama’s re-election but he started pumpin’ up the volume on his political journalism 2 whole years ago with his article series Obama, the Tea Party, and the Art of Political Persuasions.  He published more articles throughout 2012 right up until just before the election when he threw down with Tricks and Treats of the 2012 Presidential Debates one week and then followed up with Posted Perspectives on the 2012 Presidential Election.

Whitman wrote at least two well-known poems about Abraham Lincoln: When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom’d and “O Captain! My Captain!” (believe there’s more in his classic book Leaves of Grass). The Quotable Poet’s poems about Obama (that we know about so far) are “Angel of Hope’s Persistent Flight,” “There Upon a Bough of Hope and Audacity,” and “Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels.” A strong difference between Whitman and the QP is that Whitman’s poems about Abraham Lincoln could be classified mostly as elegies in reaction to Lincoln’s assassination. The QP Aberjhani’s works on Obama are like poetic instagrams of history in the making.  The one chosen for this month is taken straight from the book with words in parentheses and everything:

Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels
(in honor of a poet who became a president)

What once was blood streaks
your face with indigo tears
and lush midnight tunes.

Holding silver hands,
you compose a Tao of art
that heals broken wings.

Lips glow violet,
open to reveal tongues bright
with pearl metaphors.

A speckled halo
handcuffs the world’s best liars
to soft dark passions.

Music’s sweet labors
give birth to a springtime rush
of sighs rippling dreams.

Out of your mouth rhymes
blossom like warm paradigms
already in flight.

Golden, your songs,
nobly spinning planets on
their axis of love.

On faith’s battered back
calm eyes etch prayers that cool
a nation’s hot rage.

Inside these scarred hearts
genius flows incandescent
waves of truth made real.

Hope drowned in shadows
emerges fiercely splendid––
boldly angelic.

by Aberjhani (The River of Winged Dreams)

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