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Don’t you just love the way the Quotable Poet quietly makes little quotation posters like this one available without making any big fuss about it? He doesn’t say in the quote whether he’s jocking Mitt Romney or Barack Obama but the passage itself comes from his essay called Obama, the Tea Party, and the Art of Political Persuasions.  That’s one he put out there back in 2010, so maybe he was gearing up then for what’s  going on now.

He might walk a tightrope when it comes to dishing on politics but even though his newest Examiner article on 9/11 doesn’t mention Obama at all he’s written a load of pieces that do. Big time! So here’s a short 7 link guide to some of his strongest pieces in poetry and prose on the Prez and the world and some of everybody’s major-challenge issues:

1. Poem: Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels
2. Article: Barack Obama and the Message Beyond the Photograph
3. Poem: There Upon a Bough of Hope and Audacity
4. Article: Dancing to the Paradigm Rhythms of Change in Action
5. Article: Guerrilla Decontextualization and the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign
6. Article: Barack Obama Joins Distinguished Predecessors as Winner of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
7. Article: Barack Obama Extends Historical Legacy Astride the Promise of Change