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Children killed during violence in Syria. (AFT Photo)

A couple of months back I checked out a copy of The Forbidden Rumi with the subtitle “The Suppressed Poems of Rumi on Love, Heresy, and Intoxication”. I’ve been tempted ever since to dip into some of the Quotable Poet Aberjhani’s more hardcore lines for posting on this blog. Poems like “I Am a Scar Talking Maximum Sh*t to Your Face” from I Made My Boy Out of Poetry and Tattoo Blues for My Lover the Junkie got me double drooling to take a chance. I can hear tongues all over the place flapping “Well go ahead and do it! What’re you waiting for?!”

THE ANSWER: I’m waiting to make sure a certain Quotable Poet won’t start automatically blocking my email queries if I do!!!! But all the bodies dropping in Syria and the political hype that’s heating and HATING UP TV make me feel like I oughta take a chance for the June Poem of the Month on a semi-hardcore spit called “Page from a Red Scream Burned in Translation.” It’s from Visions of a Skylark Dress in Black and here it is:


Not your touch but your overloaded need
chained the world’s tongues to legends
of blood-smeared gold and iron tears.
Your souls broke like the planet’s heart,
drew us up from the dead waters
of your lives’ sudden insanity,
tumbled our apathy like burned bones
across the void of our bleeding names and faces.

We sat on cliffs of twilight overlooking hell,
struggling to dream ourselves blind
over the orgy of the furies of 2005:
the tsunami that ate humans raw,
the howling that raped Haiti numb,
twin hags Katrina and Rita tripped out on heroine,
the pornographic disease of terrorism and war,
and this earthquake that snapped the camel’s skinless back.

As if the frozen geometry of heaven’s sorrow
multiplied and spread like a tribe of wandering orphans.
The atomic white horror oozing in and out
of naked and bewildered humanity
stuffs our mouths with the scabbed flesh
of prophecies dipped in honey and acid.
Out of light and unseen years, we moan new beginnings
that no one has promised, and no one delivered.
–by Aberjhani (from Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black)

post by MS/25