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(PEN American Center logo in celebration of its 90th anniversary.)

Anybody who’s been looking for the Quotable Poet Aberjhani’s Bright Skylark Literary Productions site has probably realized by now that the one his team used to maintain is now DEE-FUNKT. Can’t say what happened there because nobody’s shared any official announcements anywhere. But what has popped up lately is a profile of the QP on the PEN American Center website during the organization’s 90th anniversary celebrations happening in NYC RIGHT NOW. To be such big news it’s been kept pretty quiet… or am I just sneaking up on a scoop?

It’s big news yeah but not very SURPRISING news because the QP has been a long-time supporter of his fellow keyboard-clickers just like PEN International. A lot of his Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance is about the heartbreaks and successes of writers. And Creative Thinkers International was set up to give authors and other “cultural workers” an across-the-board platform. So the two fit well together and “Once Upon A Time Eternity Lifted A Pen” (from I Made My Boy Out of Poetry) is a good poem for showing you why:

Once Upon A Time Eternity Lifted A Pen

You are the line no other poet can write,
a precision of human length and depth
that shall refuse to breathe
unless you place your lips upon
your own existence and grant it
the permission of your breath and truth.

Each letter, space and punctuation
comes from a country governed
by the wisdom of your very individual passion
and your distinctly passionate wisdom.
They will neither dance nor glow except that
you sing the sacred fire of everything you are.

You are the lines and stanzas and titles
and the grandly-jeweled universal meanings
which no other heart can communicate.
Once upon a time eternity lifted a pen,
placed it lovingly upon a divine scroll
and wrote the only copy of you there is.

–by Aberjhani (from I MADE MY BOY OUT OF POETRY)

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