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                                                        Al Sharpton standing behind parents and brother of Trayvon Martin. (AP photo by Evan Vucci)

Since Top News Today, Google News, Topix, Buzzbox and some of everybody else already picked up on the Quotable Poet’s breaking news story Trayvon Martin, Robert Lee, and Millions of Tears Fallen I can’t really claim a scoop here. But is that gonna stop me from posting a link and adding my $2 worth of commentary to the pile? NO! So here it is:

Trayvon Martin, Robert Lee, and millions of tears fallen (part 1) – National African-American Art | Examiner.com.

There’s a strange clear mix to how QP Aberjhani does his thing. Sometimes it’s fiction and poetry, sometimes history and journalism, and in this case… it’s more like memoir and journalism. Everybody who’s read I Made My Boy Out of Poetry are familiar with the story in the book called ANGEL & SHAKESPEARE. It’s where the author first tells the world about his brother Robert Lee, who was a teenager like Trayvon Martin and who was killed by a policeman, WHOA! in a way that sounds totally bogus.

So far as anybody here knows, this is his first time breaking the ice a lot wider than what he did in I Made My Boy Out of Poetry.