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Smokin’ HOT Whitney Houston photo courtesy of Black Celebs.com.


It didn’t take long for the Quotable Poet’s tribute poem The Consecrated Soul of Whitney Houston to ricochet around the web. But that’s not why it’s our Poem of the Month for March.

The last time the Quotable Poet Aberjhani ran an editorial combined with a poem was when the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear catastrophe hit hard and he posted Nuclear Snow in Japanese Springtime in his Examiner column. That’s something to think about because it means he did the same kind of hard digging and muscle flexing to acknowledge Whitney Houston’s passing as he did to honor the people who suffered from that world-class nightmare.

On top of that, the last celebrity that he posted an elegy (a poem like a eulogy but spelled a little different) for was Michael Jackson. If I’m wrong about that somebody can let me know. I’m not posting The Consecrated Soul of Whitney Houston with this blog because usually we get permission to do that but the Bright Skylark Literary Productions site that we get the permission from seems to be down for maintenance or something because the admin’s not responding to emails (MORE ON THAT LATER). You can still check out the poem with the editorial on Creative Thinkers International or Examiner at these links: