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Screenshot of quote about Michael Jackson by Quotable Poet Aberjhani.

The first time I blogged about Ranker’s List of Famous Aberjhani Quotes I didn’t show it a whole lot of love. The reason was because when I clicked on the links to the quotes too many of the pages came up with only half the text of the quotation.  Looks like somebody decided to fix that and now I gotta say the love is flowing. Still some debaters out there over whether or not this list is better than a few others on the net but guess what…

Ranker gets bonus points for the quote widget at the bottom of the page.  It’s one you can post on your own blog if you’re set up for that.  One reason it’s big news is because I’m not seeing the “Quote of the Month” that used to pop up on Bright Skylark Literary Productions and true fact is I’m not seeing that website period. So I’ll let you know what’s up with that when we know what’s up with that.

For right now I’m kind’a glad we started doing the Poem of the Month or else some of us might start throwing up a lot of embarrassment over the impressive new upgrade. So you can click this link to check it.