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Still from Angel of Better Days to Come video.


Soon as I saw the email announcing the launch for Angel of Better Days to Come on YouTube I just knew it was going to be an authorized kick-butt spoken word production. Since this is the fourth video-poem from the Quotable Poet’s River of Winged Dreams I figured it was due. Turned out instead to be a kick-butt poetry video with ambient music vibes and head-blazing visuals.

So it hit me as an awesome-off-the-hook-good thing but still kind of odd because we know from his DANCING THROUGH THE WORD LABYRINTH CD and different podcasts (not to mention the awards) that he does spoken word. Then why (presuming he’s involved on some level) such a different approach on Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael,  Angel of Peace,  Angel of Christmas Love Shining Bright, and now Angel of Better Days to Come? Here’s my two-part guess…

For One… he’s got a big passion for the written word and the creatively painted canvas. This is the QP expressing that passion and sharing it. And Number Two… with spoken word, we get how the speaker of the words interprets the lines with their emotional emphasis and the whole big bang and that can block your own interpretation. (Yes I did actually hear another poet say that but it fits here so I’m borrowing it). The thing is though that for me it worked. You got the poem stanzas graffitied on the art and the entire poem right there in the notes so you end up hearing your own voice. A weird trick it was but so cool.  You can click right here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWIyLxnoCnw

by MS25