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When the 20 Major Poems by a Modern Poet list was first posted on Ranker, it had the poem “Angel of Peace” at number one and the poem “I Made My Boy Out of Poetry” at number two.  Soon as it went up the voters started exercising their democratic Ranker rights. The next day, the list has started to look like this—


My top picks have been voted down and somebody’s voted “Every Hour Henceforth” up to the top with “Angel of Remembrance: Candles for September 11, 2001” at number two. At first, yeah, I was pissed off. Then I got it… The voters have actually shown what I’ve been sayin’ all the while about how different people tap into different word-works by the Quotable Poet. For me, Angel of Peace is da bomb because it takes you to a place inside yourself away from the world.  For some other people it looks like Every Hour Henceforth has a deeper message and a greater power. I’m feelin’ where the other voters and critics are coming from but I want to vote some more.