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Far as I know this book’s not out yet.

On most days I ignore it when somebody challenges me to do something on the Internet.  This time I couldn’t do that because I’ve been blogging on the Quotable Poet for a while and kind of had to say my piece when it came to the List of Poems by Aberjhani on Ranker. For one thing it was just too short for somebody who’s written and been published so much. And for another thang the first two titles were actually the same poem. When I SHARED that info it was suggested I create and submit a list of poems that represent the Quotable Poet’s work in a better way.

So guess what? I did, and that’s why the word “Poems” is in the title of this blog instead of just “Poem”.  The list is called 20 Major Poems by a Modern Poet and you can click and check it out: 20 Major Poems by A Modern Poet.

More news notes will be coming up soon.