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List of Famous United States Authors from Rankers.com with classic photo of Aberjhani that first appeared in ESSENCE Magazine November 1997. 

It’s not about being lazy or nothing like that. I’m passing on
this link to the news release on the Quotable Poet Aberjhani’s Red Room profile because it’s what I would have written if his peeps hadn’t beat me to it. For reals because I’ve been pointing out all along how his word-flow moves across boundaries to reach lots of different people in different ways.  iTunes got hip enough to that to put his books in three different spots in the iBookstore.  But you can check out the story yourself and see just what I mean. 

iTunes Adds Three Books and Podcast by Aberjhani to its iBookstore | Aberjhani | Press Release/Interview/Press Coverage | Red Room.

What I don’t like so much about the post is the screenshot of the books on iTunes. The one from Rankers showing our scribe as one of the most famous authors in the United States seemed like a better fit to me so I’m sharing that one here. As a matter of fact we gonna have to go back to Rankers for another blog on the lists that have our Quotable Poet on it. For now though check out iTunes. Stay cool.