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Grid view for 14 Poets and Their Angels stack on Delicious.com.


Anybody who’s been keeping up with the meta-metamorphosis taking place at Delicious.com knows they’ve got a new thing going on called stacks… as in stacks of links with headers, descriptions, and images that sometimes blaze fantastic on their front page.  The image we posted here is a grid view of the subject of this blog.

One of the featured stacks on Delicious at the mo’ is called 14 Poets and Their Angels.  And guess who one of the 14 is? That’s qualifiedly correct– Quotable Poet Aberjhani is part of the mix with his poem Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels, which starts off with a quote from Barack Obama. There’s also a stack all about him which tells me the Bright Skylark machine is working overtime to maintain the profile.  Midnight Flight of the Poetry Angels was first posted on AuthorsDen (August 22, 2008) and is published in The River of Winged Dreams. You can also check it out right here as the QP October 2011 Poem of the Month:


“It was a savage scene, and we stayed there for a long time, watching life feed on itself, the silence interrupted only by the crack of bone or the rush of wind, or the hard thump of a vulture’s wings as it strained to lift itself into the current, until it finally found the higher air and those long and graceful wings became motionless and still like the rest.”

––Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father

What once was blood streaks
your face with indigo tears
and lush midnight tunes.

Holding silver hands,
you compose a Tao of art
that heals broken wings.

Lips glow violet,
open to reveal tongues bright
with pearl metaphors.

A speckled halo
handcuffs the world’s best liars
to soft dark passions.

Music’s sweet labors
give birth to a springtime rush
of sighs rippling dreams.

Out of your mouth rhymes
blossom like warm paradigms
already in flight.

Golden, your songs,
and noble; spinning planets on
their axis of love.

On faith’s battered back
calm eyes etch prayers that cool
a nation’s hot rage.

Inside these scarred hearts
genius flows incandescent
waves of truth made real.

Hope drowned in shadows
emerges fiercely splendid––
boldly angelic.

 by Aberjhani