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Cover art for "Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael 1 and 2 by Aberjhani" video featuring poems by the author, text of poem, and music.

Cover still from “Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael (Jackson) 1 and 2 by Aberjhani” video.

You might have noticed how I sometimes talk about the way the Quotable Poet’s Bright Skylark website seems to borrow more from this blog than I get from them. That’s mostly the way it rolls but every now and then they toss out a major sound-byte. This time around it’s the blog post
In Commemoration of 100 Thousand Poets: On Elegies, Dreams, and Michael Jackson  which is about 100 Thousand Poets for Change and Aberjhani’s new video: Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael 1 and 2.

Since the blog’s already a done deal and you can just click the link to read it, the only thing I’ll add is that the video is along the same lines as his Angel of Peace video. The music is different but by the same artist and the images of MJ received some major art upgrade with quotes from the poem plastered right on them. My only two thousand dollar criticism is the quote is a little hard to read on a couple of the frames but the whole poem rolls in at the end and you can the video info section to read it too.

I’m guessing this blog and video launch happened because Aberjhani hooked up with 100 Hundred Poets for Change months ago and he had to deliver what he promised but otherwise I’m thinking Troy Anthony Davis’s execution would have shut down productions for a while. It’s something to think about, huh?