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A few Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait VIP Dots. Top row left to right: Aberjhani, Adam Rafferty, Al Walser, and Alex Gernandt with Michael Jackson. Then second row: Alan “Big Al” Scanlan, Bounce, Brian Friedman, and Cherilyn Lee. Third row: David Michael Frank, Deborah Dannely with MJ, Don Wilson, and Dorian Holley. (Image collage MJTP FB screen)


This blog first reported on the Quotable Poet Aberjhani and his sharp written-word takes on Michael Jackson two years ago.  Back then different web-loggers were translating his “To Walk a Lifetime in Michael Jackson’s Moccasins” piece into different languages and a year later they picked up on his “Work and Soul in Michael Jackson’s This Is It.”  This time around in 2011 the author-poet celebrated MJ’s birth-anniversary number 53 with a four-part article series called Looking at the World through Michael Jackson’s Left Eye  and the series plus everything else he’s been writing about the King of the Pop won him a VIP Dot on the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.

The MJ Tribute Portrait has been building up and building up since a couple months after Michael Jackson died and anybody who’s been keeping up with it know what makes Celebrity Dots and “VIP Dots” big deals.  This is what the MJTP website news article said: “It is truly an honor to present Aberjhani with a Dot in the area of Michael’s heart.” The heart area is where the King his own self has a dot with children, family and major-big-time celebrities, such as Evan Ross, his mom Diana Ross, Marlon Wayans, Jesse Jackson and truckloads more.

This is what the Quotable Poet Aberjhani posted on Google Plus about receiving the VIP Dot and writing about Michael Jackson: “Pretty much blown away by Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait members’ decision to award me with a VIP Dot in the portrait.… My challenge has been, and remains, to sort through an overload of information and misinformation in order to communicate as much truth and significance as my time and energies allow. Michael Jackson’s challenge was to survive for as long as possible the fickle prickly embrace of fame, the raging firestorms of controversy that all but devoured his entire being, and his own amazing attempts to give as much of himself to the world as possible.”

How phenom is that??????