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The Quotable Poet blog started two years to throw a spotlight on different accomplished authors like Aberjhani who were not as well known as some other authors in their league. (Same deal with certain Indies.) The idea I guess took off cause now there are loads of sites that post his quotes. Some of the best ones are posted on Twitter and Facebook every other day. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop posting them here. It does mean I’m stepping up my throw-down by tossing some new deals into the mix.

First up is the new Slideshare presentation of Angel of Peace by Aberjhani (poem and text with art). Each slide is a color graphic with a section from the poem and some amazing art. Check it out at this url:


The text of the poem was posted separately with other notes but seem to be having trouble staying there I’m giving it to you here also:

Angel of Peace by Aberjhani
(Poem number 5 in the “Songs of the Angelic Gaze” series)

Such are these places
where lovers of bliss behold
the angel of peace:

Above the burning,
and below the cold of all
the sad killing fields;

Where poetry sighs,
smiling magic in the lap
of flesh and blood joy;

Upon the shoulders
of elders carved beautiful
by sage artistry;

Where a starbright gown
trails healing through gardens of
eternity’s laughter;

In the arms of dreams
that shepherd hope through the eyes
of praying children;

Under waterfalls
bristling silk storms from the shores
of my skin to yours;

In the taste of a woman
glowing firemilk through
the tips of her breasts;

Afloat on rhythms
of minds too stoned on love to
recall how bombs work;

At the edge of a
man’s kiss casting holy spells
of sweet compassion;

Inside the beauty
of faith’s unburied treasure
sparkling truth and hope;

Beneath trees of song
heavy with angelic light,
evergreen with strength;

Upon the wings of
nightingales trilling comfort
to embattled grace;

In your heart’s whisper,
soft as love, that truly all
is well with your soul.

by Aberjhani
(from The River of Winged Dreams)

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