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For those who emailed asking if I was the one who posted the List of Famous Aberjhani Quotes on Ranker the answer is as a matter of fact I did not Thank You . But if you ask if I had anything to do with the 50 Amazing Contemporary International Poets list, then we’re talking a different story because I mos def made my contribution to it.

So yeah the list is on the Rankers site but it’s not exactly a ranking as in top dog versus underdog because it’s mostly alphabetical and it’s also mostly all about sharing props with some peeps who have made poetry mean something more than just a popular word to throw around. Read their poems and you see how they paid for those lines with their lives.

Probably a hundred or even a thousand names could have gone on the list but who can afford to work that hard for free? You feelin’ me? Anyway this was one good way to give a nod to National Poetry Month so check it out please right here: