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Poet and theater director Clinton D. Powell speaking the word in Barnes and Noble.

A poem for a poet.

When the tragic news about the death of Savannah poet Clinton D. Powell hit the Internet last Sunday, you could do a mad search on Google to find out more about him and come up with maybe 12,000 hits. A week later that number is more like 90,000. What I haven’t found yet are books by him or poems on websites but the posters about his stage projects and the stories about his spoken word tell us they are out there. And if you read the Quotable Poet’s City of Savannah Bids Farewell to Beloved Poet Clinton D. Powell then you already know how real his deal was. But turns out there’s a lot more coming out of Savannah from the Quotable Poet Aberjhani himself, including his first published poem for 2011 and a new read on Powell at this link: A Poem for a Poet

Something about the way the poem is laid out doesn’t hit me as right but I can’t claim expertise here so accept it as a nevertheless righteous tribute to the Poetry Man of the Hour Clinton D. Powell.