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Quotable hip hop poets John Legend and The Roots.

Quotable hip hop poets John Legend and The Roots.

The minute I started writing this blog, I thought about how different it would turn out if it was being written about the year 2009 instead of the year 2010. And why is that some slammers might ask? The answer is because when you look at the Quotable Poet Aberjhani’s posts across the Internet, including his commentaries and what not, you can see he put a lot more out there with the blogs on Red Room, new poems on AuthorsDen, articles on Examiner, the celebration on Creative Thinkers International, and tons more.

This year the story’s different because the work gig’s been different. For a while it was just a rumor that the QP was editing a major book on the Civil War and then BAM… the rumor got confirmed when the man himself posted his new job description on Linkedin. The curiosity that makes some readers wonder how the same author who wrote the hip hop article John Legend and The Roots Issue Wake Up Call can serve as editor for a major work on the Civil War is what attracts so many to his body of work: versatility. It’s there in the poetry, the fiction, the nonfiction, and everything in the middle. And that’s why this Top 10 Quotable Poet Hits of 2010 rocks in multiple styles the way it does:

1) Haiti and Humanity’s Fierce Urgency of Now
2) Publication of The River of Winged Dreams
3) Return of Bright Skylark Literary Productions
4) Third Anniversary of Creative Thinkers International
5) Seventh Anniversary of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance
6) John Legend and The Roots Issue Wake Up Call
7) Michael Jackson and Summertime from this Point On
8) Pat Conroy Announces 2010 National Book Awards Finalists
9) Barack Obama Extends Historical Legacy Astride the Promise of Change
10) Dear James Baldwin (in lieu of Dear Barack Obama)

If this represents the Quotable Poet going at half speed in 2010 it’s kind of scary to think about what might happen when he revs up again???? in 2011.