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There I was snagging scraps and notes off the web for my next blog on the Quotable Poet when I saw where he had just posted a new blog himself plus a new photo on The River of Winged Dreams. I ate it up in one read and gave myself a thumbs-up because a lot of what he said is like a lot of everything I’ve been saying here. He says it different of course but I mean the gist of it all is there isn’t it. The photo speaks to the same quality of diversity and universality I’ve been jocking for ages but some of the words could have been more contemporary-oriented like “spoken word” or “wordmachinist” or “spitmaster” though I suppose that’s a generational thing. And wasn’t no way I was gonna not post it here because several sites done beat me to it. But I’ve only see the blog posted one place so far and you can check it out by clicking: The Writer Through the Eyes of Another