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Starting tomorrow, June 16 in this righteous year 2010—WHAT! WE’RE HALFWAY THRU 2010 ALREADY!—fifteen days will be left until the great “River of Winged Dreams” Giveaway on Goodreads. Now I’m not accusing anybody of ripping off my intellectual property nuggets or anything like that but I find it interesting that the Quotable Poet’s inner circle camp launched the giveaway sweepstakes after my last blog quoting his self-critique of the work… hmmmm, don’t you?

I mean I’m jez sayin’…  Wasn’t no talk or anything like that at all about it and then BAM! right after my blog hit… But it’s all good… or maybe I should say it’s all Goodreads for the time being because that’s where the action’s going to throw down on June 30. The last time I peeped, more than 140 people were signed up to win one of three copies at this link: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/4275-the-river-of-winged-dreams

But I found the countdown clock ticking away on Squidoo.com at this “lens”: The River of Winged Dreams
And on that same lens (that’s what they call a post on Squidoo… a lens) is part 2 of the title poem… Which by the way I have not seen published anywhere– to answer the blogarazzi.

I’m guessing/predicting/prognosticating that Goodreads will not be the last stop on the Giveaway tour circuit. And I’m guessing/predicting/prognosticating this for what reason???? ? Number one, because Aberjhani’s got houses in a lot of neighborhoods and sharing with only one just wouldn’t be right in my always bold opinion.

And number two, the word is already out that the hardcover gift edition of The River of Winged Dreams is about to launch (check out the big hint below courtesy of Metafriends Unlimited) and I’m just thinking out loud here… don’t really mind if a certain team take the idea and score points with it… but a hardcover gift edition would be so seriously cool for a giveaway… I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting a free autographed review copy myself…

Y’all listening????