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So what I promised in the last post was to share a few words from the Quotable Poet, which is not the same as promising an interview. The other webmeisters have the book and excellent quotes from it… this I admit… But what I have is the QP’s own sort’a kind’a review of The River of Winged Dreams. It’s pretty much the next best thing to an interview with the way he talks about respect for his muse… at least that’s how I interpret it, anybody see it different is free to say so. As for right now, here it is straight off’a Goodreads:

“The five stars which I have awarded THE RIVER OF WINGED DREAMS are not shining tributes to my vanity or ego. They are much more like the truest expressions of gratitude for the gifts to my life– and to that of a growing number of readers– which I feel the work in this book represents. I use the word ‘gift’ because so often I did not feel like I was “writing” this book at all. It seemed more as if I was casually jotting down notes which someone else asked me to pass along.

“I was not always inclined to cooperate when it came to writing the words presented to me but soon discovered I could not concentrate on much else until I did. It was not until later that I developed some sense of their potential value. And even then I would have remained doubtful had not various readers shared with me their experiences of the work.

“The five stars are also for the evolutionary journey recounted in the book’s introduction. It remains an extraordinary and humbling one. “



And there he is…


View from the back cover of The River of Winged Dreams by Aberjhani.