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How did the Twitter tribes, Michael Jackson Blogspot, All About Michael Jackson Website, Juggle.com, Walking for Life, and a whole gang of other Internet webmeisters find out about The River of Winged Dreams dropping before I did? It must have been like this: I was scoping out one direction when the news flashed in from another direction.  So what, I am now informed and dealing a new hand, no thanks to my so-called “insider connections” (for whom I still hold much L-O-V-E).

First up is this: the anticipated cover by Amiri Geuka Farris for this book did not happen. Geuka is super hot in-demand property these days and word from the street corner is there just wasn’t enuf hours in the day for him for him to pull it off. As brilliant as the cover that did make it is… with a moody dream-feel and all that funky stuff… it smokes like a Bright Skylark original. That’s my bet anyway but so far nobody’s talking. Therefore we move on…

Hallucinogenic cover of Aberjhani's "The River of Winged Dreams"

The River of Winged Dreams is now on Amazon Marketplace, Lulu Marketplace, the Open Library, LibraryThing, GoodReads, and other choice vacation reading spots. It picked up a sales ranking on Amazon this past week and landed on the Walking for Life bestsellers list.   Just because I got outplayed on the debut don’t mean I got dropped from the game so I WILL BE FOLLOWING THIS POST WITH ANOTHER FEATURING A FEW WORDS FROM THE QUOTABLE POET about the new quotable book. We’ll close this one with a list of links to action spots for The River of Winged Dreams…

“Congrats Aberjhani!!!” from Vicki in Greece of ASNYCNBOW

Number 7 on “Angels Bestsellers List” –on Walking for Life

On Juggle.com http://www.juggle.com/the-river-of-winged-dreams

The Open Library http://openlibrary.org/books/OL24226114M/The_River_of_Winged_Dreams

On All about MJ http://missing-mj.blogspot.com/2010/05/river-of-winged-dreams-paperback.html

Michael Jackson Blogspot