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Where wuz we? Oh yeah, talkin bout art and the Quotable Poet. Big news here: QP announced last month that the original painting used on the cover of I MADE MY BOY OUT OF POETRY (always liked the hell out’a dat title man!) was going up for live auction online at the New Orleans Live auction site.

You never heard of it? Me neither til I checked it out and saw this tiny person in a tiny window taking bids for all kinds of assorted bling from gold and platinum rings and watches to… that’s right: paintings. It was a totally schizo moment like, is this real? Then the tiny person in the little window started announcing bids coming in from the room where she was, from the telephone, and from off the Internet. Some of the coolest techno head candy I’ve ever tasted.

The painting for I Made My Boy Out of Poetry was listed with a starting bid of $7.5K and I was like holy squat, is that gonna sell? Who the hell was the artist who did that painting, Gustave Blache, anyway out there in the real world? I kind’a found out when the bidding started on the painting and it sold in the 5-digit range. So you can guess what I did next…

Went out and bought a drawing pad and some color acrylic chalks. This could be the start of a trend and with the Quotable Poet just about anything’s possible because all QP’s books have slamming cover art. We’re talking work by Jacob Lawrence on his Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, original pieces by Luther E. Vann on several books, and the so far unveiled cover on the new gig, The River of Winged Dreams. Soon as I know I’ll holla. But next up is a discovery I made about how some people turning his posted reviews into…wait for this…online slide presentations.