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I know, I know, I know, here it is National Poetry Month 2010 already and I haven’t put up one QP blog since the end of 2009. I’m gonna cop a plea like my kid brother and say this time it’s only some of my fault. Fe real!

Enuf excuses. Let’s get back on track with some celebrity rumor control. Rumor No. 1… the QP popped up at open mics in Washington D.C. and New York to throw down some vintage spoken word… Did not happen. A couple of poets in D.C. and Philly spit some of QP’s lines cause that’s what they felt like doing in December and January and February.

I ‘m saying that was a good thing because in nunna the places where my surf-ship travels thru the blogosphere have I seen a single new poem from the man. The truth behind the rumor is more fun and that truth has two parts to it. Part one is Quotable Poet Aberjhani or somebody who likes him maybe cranked up his old Bright Skylark Creative Productions website at http://www.aberjhani.com .

Borrowed or let's say even exchange from The River of Winged Dreams. It's the Bridge of Angels in Rome.

I’m rolling with the idea it was him because the site is hosted by Authors Guild and it would be difficult for anybody else to do it plus I emailed his peeps a couple of music players and guess what? They’re using them!!! On the Welcome page and the Michael Jackson page, which wasn’t there the last time this site was running. I’m not saying the music players make us friends or co-dawgs or nothin like dat—just sayin they are seriously cool and I DJ’ed the songs.

Part 2 of the news flash is right there on the website––the QP is droppin a new release called The River of Winged Dreams…. Sat what!? It’s true but it don’t say when and it don’t say how. More people care about the when part than the how but some of y’all be checkin’ out real heavy things like who’s publishing Mr. A’s work, what artist on the cover, who’s in the acknowledgments, all kinds of wacked what-ups.

I’m a fan, not a geekaholic, but gotta say the word IS ON THE COOL SIDE that the cover art is going to be by Amiri Farris, the wonderboy he reported on for Examiner. That’s exciting, no doubt, and so was what happened with the art on the cover of his first book… Did y’all hear bout dat?! Gotta run right now but tell you next time…