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The object of my Google News search yesterday, December 8, 2009, was fresh information about the new Official Michael Jackson Opus after Stingray24 emailed me about the “controversial” painting of Jackson as the Greek classic mythology deity “Pan” surrounded by angels. The joke turned out to be on me because if I had checked the blog roll on The Quotable Poet I would have seen where Aberjhani posted a story about it…not the painting…the book. But I didn’t see that so Google the book I did.

And gueesssssss what!? The story on top of the Google news search pile for the entire day was “Official Michael Jackson Opus Published” by Quotable Poet Aberjhani his own self. I don’t really like that old saying about “killing two birds with one stone” because I like birds, especially jungle parrots, but in this case it made sense because I got twice more than what I was looking for. It just went to back up what I said before in The Quotable Poet and Michael Jackson the first time around and it makes me wonder again if QPA might be working on something major about the King of Pop.

You might think I’m the only QP-geek paying attention to the writer’s words on Michael Jackson but watch this…. A group called Counterbalance: Honorable Journalists, Writers, Articles posted a list of his articles on Michael Jackson and used his word-works as examples of more objective writings about MJ as opposed to what mainstream media most often does.

The many painted faces of MJ in the new Official Michael Jackson Opus.

The many painted faces of MJ in the new Official Michael Jackson Opus.

And look at this too… a hard-hitting new site called MJJ-777 by somebody who KNOWS how to work a website posted QP’s poem Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael . Even I have to admit that site is rockin nuggets sweet and I would post one of the images from it but I’m sure I need permission from the person doing it, a tech-wizard named “7B.”

Another real biggie in recent weeks is the number of sites that picked up the QP’s Work and Soul in Michael Jackson’s This Is It article… thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands. My question now is how the money flows in situations like that???? Do they all pay the QP for his work do they pay the site where it was published and the site splits it with him. I know it’s not my business but I’m just sayin…

……. Mindsurfer25