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A friend reading some of my tribute blogs asked me “how would you define a superstar poet?”  The first poets I thought about were Billy Collins and Nikki Giovanni then I answered that a “superstar poet” was one who’s tagged some dues, put out at least two books, recorded some spits, and did a thing or two things that NOT every other poet has done.  Then she asked if I considered Aberjhani to be a superstar poet and I had to think about it before I told her he’s a different kind of star poet because his light doesn’t come from his literary fame, it comes from his creative flame. She liked my answer enough to let me know how much…

After our converse, I decided The Quotable Poet blog would be a lot more legit if I found out more about the author’s fame quota and added some links to interviews and articles about him on the net. Until I started looking I didn’t know how much there was. The most recent article I found was “Savannah Author Inducted into Red Room Hall of Fame” and one of the most interesting recorded spots was with two other poets, DeVault and Rockeymoore on The City Radio Program hanging out for MLK Day.  If the embedded player don’t work, try the link. If I find more I’ll add them and if anybody else got suggestions I’ll look at those too.


The Buzz and the Poet: Click Away

Savannah Author Inducted into Red Room Hall of Fame

Portrait of the Author at John Zeuli Photography

Aberjhani on Radio Show with WF DeVault and Mark Rockeymoore

Review of Aberjhani’s ELEMENTAL by Zinta Aistars

Chase Von Interviews Aberjhani

Author Vanessa Richardson Interviews Aberjhani

More on Luther Vann and Aberjhani at Savannah Now

Readers Vote Aberjhani Best Spoken Word Artist

Writer Embraces Challenge of New Millennium Times

Aberjhani at Open Library

Photo of Aberjhani in his first big media splash in ESSENCE Magazine November 1997.  ( photo props to Barron Claiborne we be told)