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Since this site is called The Quotable Poet the first Best of 2009 posts by Aberjhani that I looked for were his poems. I figured I would do a top 5 lists of poems, top 5 stories, top articles, blogs… you get the picture. Then I went back to his main sites and saw that he hasn’t posted half as much poetry this year as he did all the years from 2004 to 2008. This year it’s been mostly articles and I did come across a few bulletin posts where he said his main focus right now is on citizen journalism and blogging. How strange is that for somebody who’s already published an encyclopedia on the Harlem Renaissance, a novel, a memoir, and 4 books of poetry? I’m thinking maybe not so strange because exploring new literary territories is part of his overall writing pattern. So what we’re doing here is are three lists, one for the poetry from this year I could find, another for articles, and the third for blogs. And since we’ve still got 2 whole months to go, there could be some changes here by the time we hit 2010. That works for me, hope it works for you.


Best of 2009 Poetry Pingbacks

1. Photographed Light of My Grandmother’s Soul

2. There Upon a Bough of Hope and Audacity
3Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael

4. Birthday 2009 My Cosmic Poet Beard

5. A Naked Woman with Skin of Thorns and Ice

Best of 2009 Article Pingbacks

1. Barack Obama Joins Distinguished Predecessors as Winner of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

2. Savannah Talks Troy Anthony Davis

3. Michael Jackson Legacies of a Globetrotting Moonwalking Philanthropist

4. The Unique Genius of Gullah Artist Allen Fireall
5. Two Literary Laureates Celebrated Herta Muller and Amiri Baraka

6. Presidential Poet Elizabeth Alexander Wows Penn State Crowd

7. The Rise of Gullah Diva Sallie Ann Robinson

8. The Nujazz New Millennium Soul of Maxwell’s BLACKSummersnight

9. Musician Artist Don Dean’s Eclectic Human Condition

10. Portraits of US Artists in the Southeast Jerome Meadows


Best of 2009 Blog Pingbacks
1. To Walk a Lifetime in Michael Jackson’s Moccasins

2. Triple Barack Obama Blog Blast

3. All that National Poetry Month Jazz

4. Juneteenth Special Remembrance and Healing in America

5. J Alfred Prufrock’s Universe Disturbed

6. Martin and Alfred Two Brothers One Dream
7. The Peculiar Genius of Robert Oppenheimer The Poet Who Made Bombs

8. Slavery by What Other Name

9. They Came from Cyberspace 5 Twitter Tweets

10. Unexpurgated Review of Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s Shadow of the The Wind