5 Amazing Quotable Poet Quotes from the Year 2015



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Motivation speakers like to tell us one of the best ways to know where you’re going is to check out where you’ve already been. We’ve seen similar suggestions from the Quotable Poet as well. So since it looks like everybody’s in agreement with that idea our quotes for December are 5 of the best from the year 2015 for hipsters and dipsters to take with them into the year 2016.

As for the QP himself the year 2015 was obviously a BIG ONE since he announced that he was cutting back on column articles and administrative duties at Creative Thinkers International to go big on his current literary projects. That’s not something we can complain about around here because like Adele fans always hot for the next release we’re always pumped for the latest from the QP:

Best Quotable Poet Quotes of the Year 2015


Diversity quote by Aberjhani with Eiffel Tower digital art by Bright Sky Lit Prods 1L

“Diversity is an aspect of human existence that cannot be eradicated by terrorism or war or self-consuming hatred. It can only be conquered by recognizing and claiming the wealth of values it represents for all.”
         (Aberjhani, the quote’s on Goodreads but it came from his masterwork on the Paris attacks: For Love of Paris and a More Compassionate World)


“Much of this [the 21st] century’s first decade and a half has been comprised of trends and unforeseen progressions that basically trashed reality as humanity knew it and reconstructed it via the mechanisms of a technology-based revolution.”
           (Aberjhani, from When the Lyrical Muse Sings the Creative Pen Dances)


MS25 QP Aberjhani quote graphic based on 15th century painting by Melozzo do Forli

“From opposite ends of time and space
a dream and a song quietly embrace…like
the sun’s murmuring lips upon the moon’s blue face.”
(Aberjhani, from Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao)


“Leadership has never been an exact science but it has always found itself particularly challenged when tasked with elevating one segment of a society onto a level more politically, socially, and economically equitable with another.”
Aberjhani (from The 2015 Bid for Power and History in Savannah)


Quotable poet text graphic with Aberjhani quote on Diversity for MS25 UPLD

“Periods of shifting demographics, along with the often overwhelming giant crashing waves of sudden historical events themselves, often create odd partnerships and dangerously extreme polarization.”
(Aberjhani, from Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 3: Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson)

So all we need now are some rock-solid dates on the new releases. But for right now if you’re into the holiday spirit have some good safe times and let’s hope we all get to enjoy a great New Year 2016.

Closing out with a shout out to BSLP for permission granted to use intellectual properties.



The International Scene and the Quotable Poet



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ALDubEBforLOVE 10 Million Tweets hashtagPhilippine actors Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. (art graphic from Pinoyambisyoso)

Been a lot of international play focused on the Quotable Poet through social media lately. Trending hashtags with quotes by him include the net-wide Push Awards plus 2 big soap operas out’a Philippines: the AlDub phenom from Eat Bulaga! and On the Wings of Love.

QP Aberjhani

But that’s not everything. He’s been making headlines, as in his quotes forming the headlines, for some serious news stories coming out of Australia. At any other time this would be typical. So why not now?

QP Aberjhani This Fire quotation in Stringer News headline Australia The answer’s because the Quotable Poet announced 2 big moves: the first was taking his CTI Initiative offline, which some of us predicted was bound to happen after the network ownership switched hands. The second is because he called break-time on his cultural arts Examiner column for AXS Entertainment. Can’t say we saw that one coming!

But hey, he’s been talking about major works in progress for a long time and the only way to complete projects like serious books and plays on that level (SERIOUSLY) is to scale everything else down. So good! Now we know we got some new reads toQP Aberjhani humanity quote on Twitter AlDub for Love Hashtag look forward to.

For right now though the international scene is HOT mostly from fans of AlDub and the Eat Bulaga! TV show, starring Alden Richards and Maine Mendozo (as Yaya Dub), using QP quotes to push favorite episodes on Twitter. Once AlDub started the ball rolling then On The Wings of Love picked up on the follow-up.

If the happenings in the Philippines and Australia wasn’t enough UK novelist Rosy Cole reposted her book review of the QP’s Bridge of Silver Wings (aka The River of Winged Dreams). It’s one of the best full-length reviews of his poetry you’re gonna find so give yourself a good time and enjoy.


Poetic Notes and Quotes for Month of July



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In his amazing essay “Text & Meaning in Claude McKay’s If We Must Die,” the Quotable Poet pays appropriate tribute to the great author McKay. He reminds us that the poem first came out in July 1919… so this July 2015 is the 96th anniversary of its publication. But wait, why should any us care at this particular time?

Well how about this… Think shooting massacre in Charleston, think Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, think Hillary Clinton’s “in-it-to-win-it” second run for the U.S. presidency, think no more Confederate flag raised on government property. For all those reason we’re joining the Quotable Poet  in his tribute to Claude McKay by presenting 3 of the best quotes from the article throughout this blog. We’re also going to zero in on another topic but first this is quote number 1:

“Poetry has often proven an effective instrument for amplifying the voices of those who believe they have been targeted for unfair social and political discrimination; or, worse, tagged for a campaign of potential genocide.” (QP Aberjhani)

We’ve been noticing something all year long. It’s nothing that’s going to make the Flash ditch his red super-threads for blue or pink ones. Just a quotation thing that’s worth sharing.

What we noticed is a lot of people put quotes by the Quotable Poet to good use in blogs, stories, quote-pics, status updates, books, and all kinds of fun things. What we DON’T see so much of are the literary critique type blog and essays bold enough to say why it is one search engine places his picture between the late author Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare at the same time that another places it next to Nobel Prize for Literature winner Andre Gide and half a dozen writers from the Harlem Renaissance.

“That Blacks and Whites have made tremendous advances in securing social and political equality for all Americans is something most reasonable thinkers would not deny. The conditions as they existed in 1919 were the kinds that challenge poets of any race to prove the significance of their craft.” (QP Aberjhani)

 Don’t get us wrong. There are some, like the Mankipedia article by Vince Corvino where he talks about the meaning of travel and the word “nightmare” in one of the QP’s most famous quotes. You can also find a lot dealing with the “dare to love yourself” quote and there are some important reviews of his Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance. But when you look at the size of the body of work in different genres it seems like there’s supposed to be more and it seems like publishers should prob be making that happen.

Aberjhani nonviolent conflict resonlution quote with Van Gogh BLUE poster courtesy Postered Poetics 2UPLD

“When confronted by social, political, or legal disagreements, options for nonviolent conflict resolution are often plentiful if allowed into consideration.” (QP Aberjhani)

Google generated list of poems by AberjhaniDrop-down sample list of poem titles by the Quotable Poet.

One organization we have to give their due creds is Google for making available a drop-down list of poetry titles by the QP when you type in “Poems by …” Some search engines do the same thing with his quotes which is cool because these back up what some of us have been saying all along.



5 Best Quotable Poet Quotes for National Poetry Month



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It looks like the Quotable Poet is in full-effect-kick-butt mode for National Poetry Month. With his big journalism push at the beginning of 2015 it didn’t seem like he was gonna cover all his author-poet bases. He did do it though with a new poem, his first interview in like forever, and a ginormous new essay series launched on the Guerrilla Decontextualization website. Check ‘em out:

1. The poem: Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao
2. The interview: Poetry Life and Times Interview with Author-Poet Aberjhani
3. The essay: Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 1: Accidental Poetry & Nihilistic Implosions

When you hit that interview don’t miss the news about the upcoming magazine project with light photographer Aurora Crowley. That’s gonna be awesome-hot.

SO ABOUT THOSE 5 BEST QUOTES: Our 5 Quotable Poet quotes for National Poetry Month come from all the sources just listed. Since they’re all by the Quotable Poet himself we’re identifying the source in parentheses (is that spelled right?) after the quote. Here’s to rock’n & rollin’ and hippin’ & hoppin’ all National Poetry Month long:


“I sometimes dream certain poems that I never write down because I believe they belong where they found me. I have also spoken poems over waves rolling in off the ocean and then watched their translucent lines float off without writing or recording them either.” – from PLT Interview with QP


“Far less than “50 shades of grey,” wielders of abbreviated minds rarely allow for even one.”–from Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 1: Accidental Poetry & Nihilistic Implosions


“From opposite ends of time and space
a dream and a song quietly embrace…”
–from Rainbow-Song for the Angel of Tao


“Use of an abbreviated mind is what makes the more devastatingly callous aspects of guerrilla decontextualization possible. It simultaneously magnifies the impulse to avoid accepting moral responsibility for one’s actions and reduces the inclination to view fellow human beings as simply that: fellow human beings.” –from Abbreviated Mind Syndrome Article 1: Accidental Poetry & Nihilistic Implosions


“Most of us know that we can be better than what we are and do better than what we do, and a lot of us live in ways that oblige us to at least periodically make an effort. But the work required to move up from point C to point A, or to survive the drop from A down to C and begin all over again is rarely easy.” – PLT Interview with QP

All quotes by the QP.

Post by MS/25

The Quotable Poet and #Selma50: Passionate Love and Passionate Hope



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Raise your hand if were surprised to see recaps of the #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter social media campaigns popping up on mainstream media last month. Right, that would be basically nobody! And that includes the Quotable Poet because he kept his pen marching in step with the masses with 2 strong pieces. The first was his Selma Revisited series and the second was his story on the new novels by superstar authors Harper Lee and Toni Morrison.

At the same time, a lot of Soldiers of Love, like Senator Cory Booker on Twitter and FamilyShare on Facebook, shared his vibes on Valentine’s Day. For some post-9/11 authors getting tagged for dedications to romance and African-American history at the same time might sound kind’a schizo. When I t comes to QP Aberjhani’s commitment to social justice from his expressions of mystical-love-passion you can’t really separate the two. That’s why we’re giving you 3 for 3 in honor of #Selma50 :

Passionate about Social Justice

“Dreams can not only come true, but they can actually create revolutions in the human heart and provide healing for the human spirit.” –– QP Aberjhani (from A Writer’s Journey to Selma, Alabama)

“There are times when the political circumstances of a given hour define what we recognize as the human condition. The violent racial turmoil and subsequent moral victory of those who stood strong against it in Selma, Alabama, and elsewhere throughout the United States in 1965 was precisely such a time. So are the human rights and broader spectrum of ethical predicaments currently before the world’s polarized populations in 2015.” –– QP Aberjhani (A Writer’s Journey to Selma, Alabama)

Mainstream media black men geurrilla decontextualization quote by Aberjhani with graphic by BrainyQuote“Mainstream media’s representation, or its guerrilla decontextualization, of black men’s lives in particular can set the stage for erroneous assumptions capable of damaging an individual or a nation.” QP Aberjhani (from Text & Meaning in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with image from BrainyQuote)

 Passionate about Mystical Love

Love as a concrete foundation quote by Aberjhani image by Top Famous Quotes“Love as a concrete foundation” qoute by Aberjhani with typographic art by Top Famous Quotes “Love as a concrete foundation for an authentically functional civilization requires the around-the-clock labors of forgiveness. Without it, Love fails, Friendship fails, Intelligence fails, Humanity: fails.” – QP Aberjhani (from Journey through the Power of the Rainbow, typographic art from Topfamousquotes.com)

“Most people are slow to champion love because they fear the transformation it brings into their lives. And make no mistake about it: love does take over and transform the schemes and operations of our egos in a very mighty way.” ––QP Aberjhani (from Illuminated Corners: Collected Essays Volume 1)

 This fire that we call loving quote by Aberjhani with text graphic by FamilyShare on Facebook

“This fire that we call loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.” –Aberjhani (from Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love)

Post by MS/25

The Quotable Poet 2014 Review and Literary Timeline



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You can tell from this blog there’s not a whole lot the Quotable Poet did not do in 2014 and it looks like he might be gearing up to take it to a different level in 2015. We’re combining the report prepared by the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys for 2014 with the timeline section from QP Aberjhani’s Timeline Table of Contents for the Year 2014 Going into 2015. Nobody here’s taking claim for his phenomenal output but we like the way his timeline backs up what we’ve been blogging for a few years. If it works out right you can see for yourself from the link list after the WordPress blurb…

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Timeline Table of Contents for 2014 Going into 2015

That’s what we been talking ’bout. Laters,


A list of 5 best quotable quotes from the year 2016


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There’s plenty good reasons some people refer to our Quotable Bard as “The Poet of the Rainbow” or “Poet of the Angels”. They turn up a lot in his work but never the same ones in the same way. So it’s not too surprising that some of his most famous quotes from the year 2016 have angels and rainbows in them.

1. First pick for the year is one that got that got a lot of buzz after the killings in Orlando, Florida, and after the crazy murders in Nice, France. The picture quote was posted on Twitter by Hendrik Klaassens for Aurora BlogSpot but the quote was shared all over the net. no_envy_or_jealousy_-quotation_by_aberjhani-graphic_by_h_klassens

“There is no envy, jealousy, or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. And no fear either. Because each one exists to make the others’ love more beautiful.”
––Aberjhani (from Journey through the Power of the Rainbow, Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry)

2. The second citation is from a book review titled Taking Time to Think, and Love, Again. The review was about the book Already Here, the Matter of Love, and it gave us these lines:


“Imagine if we chose as eagerly to cultivate practices which increase the presence of Love and Joy in the world as we do to engage actions which hasten the destruction of our fellow human beings. That is within the realm of possibility for everyone.”
(QP, Bright Skylark Literary Productions)



3. One of the biggest moves the Quotable Poet made in 2016 was to give his first novel a reboot on the new Freed Reads platform. Who saw that coming?
“At its core, the novel Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World has always been about lovers attempting to reconcile the demands of their mysterious almost-mythical destinies with the ache-filled longings of human hearts. That enigmatic core, however, is only one of the drivers behind the book’s Valentine’s Day reboot with this new title: Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player.” (Aberjhani from Christmas Gets a Valentine’s Day Weekend Reboot)

4. Resolving social and injustices and racial inequality is something the QP has been writing about for a long time so a lot of his work is a natural fit for Black Lives Matter and dealing with “the New Jim Crow.” Hard as it was for some of us to imagine the body count in 2016 going up for black people killed by police in America it kept on doing that.

“There is no such thing as overstating the crisis of oppressive human rights violations represented by the so-called ‘high school to prison pipeline’ in the United States and its devastating impact upon African-American communities. The modern industrial prison complex is dangerously emblematic of apartheid-like practices. Dismantling it means coming to terms with how it came to be and why it continues to expand.”––(Aberjhani from essay 10 Books Keeping One Writer’s Company)


5. An election year by definition is all about leadership. When it came choosing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, citizens in America and other countries quoted the QP’s famous words about the job facing voters. But we like this:

“Leadership has never been an exact science but it has always found itself particularly challenged when tasked with elevating one segment of a society onto a level more politically, socially, and economically equitable with another.”
––(Aberjhani from The 2015 Bid for Power and History in Savannah)


Here’s hoping we all make it to beginning of a Happy New Year 2017.




Thoughts on the Future: May Poem of the Month in Honor of Artist Luther E. Vann


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Luther E Vann quote from Elemental
                 (Quote by Luther E. Vann from ELEMENTAL The Power of Illuminated Love)

We’re gonna go with full disclosure here… The plan last month was to wait for a new poem by the Quotable Poet to drop before posting the annual #NaPoWriMo blog. Only the new poem never drop because something totally different and unexpected happened.

By now the world knows the artist Luther E. Vann died on April 6 and looks like that caused the QP to shut down for a minute. Vann produced the art side of the ekphrastic masterpiece Elemental The Power of Illuminated Love and The QP did the poetry and prose. What some of you maybe don’t know is that Vann also did the artwork for three more book covers by the author:

In honor of Vann and his creative partnership with the QP, this month’s poem is “” from ELEMENTAL:


We vibrate fire then become still.
Fall deep inside our separate nightmares
like angels cast into a lesser heaven.
Some sound, some need, calls me back
from sleep’s dungeon and my eyes blink open.

The night unlocks my flesh like a book
and what earlier fell apart comes
together again.  I listen to silence
as it reads by moonlight
the fantastic stories of my life:

The chapters on love are too short,
and why so many tears sticking these pages?
The ones on terror are much too long.
In darkness the voice of truth illuminates
the horrible lovely meaning of everything I am.

A small fist of light taps my skull and I
sit beside myself to watch you dream.
Bridges of invisible lace flow from my skin
to yours and bit by bit, atom by atom, one
story’s ending sets free a whole galaxy of beginnings.

Aberjhani (from Elemental, The Power of Illuminated Love)
Posted with Permission of Author

Because of Vann’s death and because of racial controversy over the name of the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge, QP Aberjhani ended up getting quoted in two new interviews. Normally this time of year the quotes with his name on them are all about creativity, jazz, poetry and rebirth.

But guess what? Luther E. Vann said some quotable things too. That’s why you see his words at the top of this post and also while we steppin’ out the door:

Luther E Vann Elemental quotation 2

Quotation by artist Luther E. Vann from the ekphrasis collection ELEMENTAL the Power of Illuminated Love.


Free Quotable Book of the Month


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Black-Skylark-zPed-Music-Player- Aberjhani-FreedRDs-2
It’s not hard to figure out why the Quotable Poet’s new digital book, Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player, went straight into the Top 20 Most Popular Books list on AuthorsDen when it came out last month. At least 3 reasons come to mind right away:

Reason No. 1

The novel was made available to readers free of charge. Except for promotional giveaways, that’s something the QP has never done before. You’ve probably guessed already that there’s a big reason behind it that has a lot to do with new technology. Check out it out: Christmas Gets a Valentine’s Day Weekend Reboot

QP Aberjhani zPed Music Player novel AuthorsDen Top 5 Books
Check out Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player at number 4 on the AuthosDen list of Most Popular Books.

Reason Number 2

This second reason is because this is a new revised edition of one of his most popular books, Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World. We said it before just about everybody else that Christmas is one of QP Aberjhani’s best works because it combines all the things he’s celebrated for… powerful controversial plot-lines, poetic prose, amazing characters, original images, and musical flow. Thing is, famous quotes from the first edition now belong to the new one as well:

QP Aberjhani zPed Music Player quote art from quotes-dot-co-uk
Quote from the novel Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player by Literary Lion and Quotable Poet Aberjhani.

Reason Number 3

The upgraded angle is bumpin’. It wasn’t bad before when people compared it to works by Kahlil Gibran and Philip K. Dick. But the “mythopoeic odyssey” angle seems like a better fit because that’s really what the heroes go through while trying to hold on to love and hold back a ton of suicides. Mix in the New Website with Bonus Stories and you’re giving readers something worth saying a lot of good things about.

Nobody’s said how long this book is gonna be available to read for free. For right now though it’s all about “getting while the getting’s good.”


Month of August quotes of note on being geniuses together


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“Articulate understandings of love with words and actions that help heal lives rather than with  words and actions that destroy lives.”  --Author-poet Aberjhani (from 5 Ways to be Geniuses Together)

“Articulate understandings of love with words and actions that help heal lives rather than with words and actions that destroy lives.” –Author-poet Aberjhani (from 5 Ways to be Geniuses Together)

The Quotable Poet gave a powerful send-off to the second member of his “Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance” team to pass in recent years… Dr. Ja A. Jahannes. The good doctor not only shared pages with the QP in the encyclopedia. They were both also published in editions of the Savannah Literary Journal and in the travel anthology called Literary Savannah.

When subscribers to his cultural arts column received the email notice about the article on Dr. Jahannes some of us let out a big “Whoaaaa!” as we checked out the title: “5 Ways to be Geniuses Together.” Use of the word “geniuses” wasn’t exactly new because the QP’s been playing with the hashtag #BeingGeniusesTogether for several months. Seeing the reference to it in a headline was bold though ‘cause let’s face it the first thing in some hypocrites’ minds is that he’s self-promotin’ (like that’s not what everybody else is doin’ too in one way or another) when in fact he’s paying tribute to a colleague.

Another unexpected move came when the QP posted a second article-slash-essay on his Bright Skylark Literary Productions site. This one is called “The Wit, Wisdom, and Genius of Ja A. Jahannes.” The first 3-part article is the kind any dedicated writer hopes somebody will write about them when they lay their keyboard to rest. Check out the quotation art-graphic posted with each part. The second blog-essay is hands down one of the best pieces anybody could want to read for literary background info on the honoree and on the QP Aberjhani himself doing their thing in the city of Savannah-GA during the 1990s.

Both our quotes for the month of August come from “5 Ways to be Geniuses Together.” The one at the beginning (up top) is from part 1 of the article. This one is from part 2:

Being geniuses together quote by Aberjhani with MS25 Artlook 2015 typograhic

“Being geniuses together (to borrow the phrase from Kay Boyle’s and Robert McAlmon’s classic memoir) makes it possible for human beings to serve as each other’s heroes rather than simply function as each other’s antagonistic nemeses.”–Aberjhani (from the essay 5 Ways to be Geniuses Together)

posted by MS/25